Toffee, Caramels & Brittles ... addictive! and locally made in Springfield, MO.

"My joy is seeing people enjoy these treats. Hopefully you will love eating them as much as I enjoy making them!"

Elisabeth Graff

The Sweets

Chipotle Toffee:

Buttery toffee with roasted almonds, plus a touch of Chipotle peppers to make things interesting. All covered with creamy chocolate and more toasted almonds. I know

it sounds crazy…just try it. Sweet, spicy, delicious.

Half Pound $8

Classic Toffee:

Sweet and buttery, this toffee is filled with toasted almonds and covered in rich chocolate. A crunchy treat that won’t stick to your teeth!

Half Pound $8

Cinnamon Toffee:

Created at the request of a friend, this toffee has quickly become a customer favorite! Warm, fragrant cinnamon is cooked into the toffee, then I top it all off with a blanket of white chocolate. If you like cinnamon rolls, you will love this toffee.

Half Pound $8

Peanut Brittle:

The candy that started it all for me! A special technique makes mine light and crispy…it really melts in your mouth. One bite and I know you’ll be hooked. Available with Chipotle flavor, too.

Half Pound $5

Peanut Clusters:

A classic combination of roasted peanuts and chocolate. Little bites of childhood.

Half Pound $5

Ale & Pretzel Bites:

Combine the salty crunch of pretzels with a soft caramel center flavored with a real Ale reduction, and you get this unique candy. Always made with ale from local breweries!

Half Pound $8

Peanut Butter Pretzels:

The only way to top the combination of Pretzel and Peanut Butter? Dip it in chocolate! Offered in chocolate, white chocolate, or a combination of both.

Half Pound $5

Salted Caramels: 

Made in small batches and wrapped by hand, these caramels are smooth and creamy. Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla gives them a lovely flavor, and then they are topped with a sprinkle of flaky Maldon Sea Salt.

Half Pound $8

Chocolate Pretzels:

I’ve always thought those giant pretzel rods covered in chocolate looked so good…but way too BIG. These little guys let you have that same taste in a size even little hands can handle. Special requests are encouraged for these! Let me make them in your favorite chocolate – sprinkled with colored sugars – use your imagination!

Half Pound $5

Toffee Pop: 

You choose your favorite toffee, then I pour it over light, fluffy popcorn. Then I top it with melted chocolate. Once you start, the bag has a way of disappearing…you’ve been warned!

Half Pound $6

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